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Tips For Auditions: Make the Reader Shine

September 24, 2021

tips for auditionsAll new actors want to know the major do’s and don’t’s for auditions, and we’ve heard the horror stories about auditions gone wrong. Luckily, I have one major tip that will make the whole process simpler for you: make the reader shine.

This tip comes from Vancouver-based acting coach Matthew Harrison of The Actor’s Foundry. Matthew has coached several major actors that you see in TV and film today, and he is my personal acting coach. 

In this guide, I’m going to break down what it means to make the reader shine, as well as other audition tips you need to book jobs. Let’s dive in.

Who is the Reader?

Regardless of whether your audition is in person or online, there will be a person there whose job it is to be your scene partner. This person is called a reader because they typically read the lines straight from the sides.

Focus On the Reader, Not the Auditors or the Camera

For all auditions, you need to be prepared, polite, and present. This means you have worked on your script and memorized it; you are open and generous –  directors and producers want to work with you! And you have the capacity to truly listen and be present in stressful situations. 

When the camera starts rolling, however, the most important person in the room is the reader. Your job is to be in a relationship with the reader and effect change in them. When you make the reader great, you are great, and your scene comes alive. That’s when your performance “pops out of the camera” and you become memorable.

When you are finished with your audition, always thank your reader before you leave.

More Tips For Auditions

Focusing on the reader is your job in the audition room, but your prep work should start way before you step foot in there. You should always analyze your scene and be completely off-book for every audition.

To analyze your scene, use the same method that we use in class. Find the two conversations, your character’s objective, character statement, emotional core truth, and realizations and decisions. 

If you need help with this process, you can schedule a one-on-one session with me to break down your scenes before your audition. Check out my guide to memorization blog to get completely off-book. 

The more you prepare beforehand, the more confident you will feel in the audition room, and the more you can set yourself aside and focus on making the reader shine.

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