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“Amber is a great coach and person! She was my first coach when I returned to acting after more than 15 years and I couldn’t be more grateful. She worked with me in both private and group settings and really helped propel my career forward. She has a broad range of knowledge and an emotional intelligence that makes her teaching style incredibly welcoming and effective. She understands people and therefore the characters we play. I highly recommend Amber’s classes!” – Kimberly D. Meier

“Amber is amazing at tapping into my real self to have a better understanding of human nature, to better create a more complete character. She is able to guide me with questions to better understand the material I am working with, to go deeper. She is also really great at accessing people’s greatness and bringing it to their attention which creates an amazing inner confidence. Amber is by far the best acting coach I have ever had the privilege to know and work with!” – Christin Harlan

“I can’t thank Amber enough for all she’s taught me over the past several months. She has taken the time necessary to insure a deep understanding of the subject at hand and she truly cares for her students.” – Terrie Dreyfus

“Amber has been my acting coach for three different classes and is also my Pilates instructor. She is extremely kind, generous and easy going. I highly recommend her for coaching; she helped me to feel more comfortable on stage and is a patient instructor who lets her students find their unique voice and strength.” – Tatiana Artis

““Amber is a very caring coach who wants the best for her students. She’ll do whatever she can to give her students a variety of learning opportunities. Overall, Amber is a great person to know and receive tutelage from.” -Keith Ehlis

“I happened to find Amber Dupuy randomly while searching for an acting coach for my son. What a find! My son had very little experience or training and had only a few days to prepare for an audition for entrance into a college theatre department.  She was able to quickly help him choose appropriate monologues, teach him effective technique and build his confidence- needless to say he was accepted into a prestigious college program! I am crediting this happy ending in large part to his work with Amber.  Her knowledge and experience combined with her nurturing and encouraging spirit make her a valuable resource. I highly recommend her as an acting teacher and coach.” – Susan Williamson

“Amber has been such an amazing acting instructor! She keeps her classes smaller so that it’s easier to work with her and your fellow students. She makes sure you’re comfortable every step of the way. Sometimes the exercises we do to connect to a character’s core truth can bring up some difficult feelings and memories. Amber knows this and doesn’t expect anyone to do something they’re not comfortable with. She will even get up and join you in exploring that core truth that may be a bit difficult. She’s incredibly encouraging and patient, which is definitely something that I needed. I know she cares very deeply for each of her students, and wants them to not only succeed in acting, but in life in general!” – Amber Fox

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