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Austin Texas Acting Classes

Austin Texas Acting Classes at DuPuy Acting Studio

Our Austin Texas acting classes are for ADULTS ONLY (age 19+). 

Class size ranges from 2-10 students.

Classes Offered: 

  • Classes on Sundays at the Gateway Church in south Austin:
    • 4:00-6:55pm     Monthly Ongoing Acting Class
    • 7:00-9:00pm     Introduction to Acting
  • Private lessons– online only for education and career consultation.

Classes are ongoing. New students start at the beginning of each month.

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Private lessons are also available.  Contact me to schedule.

What you will learn in Austin Texas acting classes at the DuPuy Acting Studio:

Students will be learning an acting process created by master acting coach  Matthew Harrison of The Actor’s Foundry in Vancouver. To watch an introduction to The Actor’s Foundry technique, please view: The Life Triangle video.

Additionally, all acting classes start with script analysis, which includes:

-Identifying theme

-Finding the components of the story

-Analyzing story structure

-Realizations and decisions

-Point and counterpoint

-Writing a character statement

Next, emotional exercises help the actor find their core emotional truth. They also find the core emotional truth of the character they are playing.

Our classes also incorporate focus exercises that help actors become charismatic. The goal of the exercises is to affect change in one another and the audience. In the picture below, Sarah and Jason are doing the Sound and Movement exercise.


About the Instructor:

Amber DuPuy incorporates a variety of acting techniques into her teaching. She is influenced by the following acting coaches:
-Sanford Meisner
-Lee Strasberg
-Stella Adler
-Uta Hagen
-Larry Moss
-Howard Fine
-Richard Brestoff
-Judith Weston
-Larry Silverberg
-Michael Chekhov
Ms. DuPuy participated in a Teacher Training in the Michael Chekhov work in January 2016. The summer before, she attended Larry Moss’s  Acting Intensive Workshop in Los Angeles.  Larry Moss is a legendary acting coach to Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Helen Hunt, and Hilary Swank.
Most recently, Amber has incorporated the brilliant teachings of Matthew Harrison of the Actor’s Foundry in Vancouver. She models her classes after his online classes presented at the Actor’s Foundry.
Amber suggests that students who join her classes also join the Actor’s Foundry online classes. There are 12 hours of instruction by Matthew Harrison to watch, and the first month is free.

What people are saying about our Austin Texas Acting Classes:

“I had acted in various projects before taking Amber’s class, but I never felt like I gave myself fully to them. I felt like my ‘process’ was ephemeral (if I used it), or I went with my initial surface level thoughts about how the scene(s) should go.  Through Amber’s warmth and wealth of knowledge, I’ve learned how to work and how to contribute using the tools she’s passed on to me. I feel confident in my ability now to explore using my creativity, using the craft I’ve learned and will continue to learn through these classes.” – Tim Ashby

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