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Learn from a seasoned acting coach who has taught 100s of students for over 20 years. Amber DuPuy coaches her students on the Actor’s Foundry Acting technique developed by Vancouver acting coach, Matthew Harrison.

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Bold Behavior Makes for a Memorable Audition

January 12, 2016

When an actor prepares for an audition, making bold choices are more memorable than “safe” ones. Additionally, bold choices that remain true to the writer’s intent are the best choices. Actors and writers are both storytellers, however it’s the writer’s job to write the story, and the actor’s job to bring the writer’s characters to life. To honor … Continue reading “Bold Behavior Makes for a Memorable Audition”

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What’s the right acting technique for you?

January 18, 2015

What’s the right technique for you? Acting teachers are often guilty of holding onto a single technique they teach. Essentially they tell their students, “My way is the only way!” They may even disparage the techniques of other teachers in town. This condemnation may be rooted in their passion for their craft, but more than likely, … Continue reading “What’s the right acting technique for you?”

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“Amber has been my acting coach for three different classes and is also my Pilates instructor. She is extremely kind, generous and easy going. I highly recommend her for coaching; she helped me to feel more comfortable on stage and is a patient instructor who lets her students find their unique voice and strength.” – Tatiana Artis

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