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DuPuy Acting School Director, Amber DuPuy

Amber DuPuy, a renowned Austin acting classes coach, began her journey as a performer in the Austin Ballet Theatre’s Jr. Company, where she discovered the joy of connecting with audiences. Her early experiences taught her the invaluable lesson of shifting focus outside of oneself and fully embodying a character.

Continuing her education, Amber studied theatre at Pomona College, honing her craft by embracing diverse roles and exploring different aspects of the art form. She delved into theatre history, including the renowned Stanislavsky method, and acquired skills in script analysis, costume design, and set design.

In her pursuit of artistic growth, Amber ventured to New York City, immersing herself in the Actors Theatre Workshop under the guidance of Thurman and Janet Scott. There, she delved deep into the Stella Adler acting technique for over six years, further enriching her understanding of the craft.

Returning to Austin, Amber further expanded her expertise by studying the Meisner technique with Ron Hayden at Two Chairs Studio. She continued her learning through workshops with industry luminaries like Larry Moss and Matthew Harrison, while also embracing Uta Hagen’s renowned techniques from “A Challenge for the Actor.”

With a diverse background in film, TV, and theatre, Amber has showcased her talents on various stages. Notably, her portrayal of Sally Bowles in “Cabaret” at Austin Playhouse earned her a Best Actress in a Musical nomination. She also graced the small screen with a role as the Administrative Nurse on the acclaimed television show, “Friday Night Lights.”

Drawing on her vast professional experience, Amber has mentored numerous students over the past decade, imparting her wisdom at esteemed institutions like the State Theatre School of Acting, the Mindful Body Center, and The City Theatre. Her perceptive nature, compassion, and unwavering commitment to artistic excellence have made her a beloved and respected acting coach.

At DuPuy Acting Studio, Amber offers private lessons, duets, and small group classes for up to eight students. Whether online or in-person, she invites aspiring actors to join her in unleashing their full potential. Beyond her acting expertise, Amber is also a certified Pilates instructor and an esthetician, further enhancing her holistic approach to the performing arts.

Discover the transformative power of Amber’s coaching by registering for Austin acting classes with her today. Experience a nurturing environment that embraces artistic growth, empowers individuality, and ignites the passion within every actor.

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