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May 17, 2022

Austin acting talent agent


Are you ready for a talent agent in Austin, Texas?

A talent agent finds jobs for the actors or models they represent. Agents are licensed which gives them the legal right to solicit employment and negotiate contracts. Most professional projects with major studios and networks will require an agent to submit on an actor’s behalf. 

As a new actor, you first need to develop your skills before you submit to a talent agent for representation. I believe a new actor needs one, preferably two, years of acting training to hone their chops. As with any profession, skills and experience are required for credibility and success. 

Once you’ve developed skills and confidence, your next step is to procure work. You can start building your resume by winning roles in unpaid projects like student films or local theater shows. Eventually, you’ll want to be paid for your expertise. That’s when having an agent is almost always necessary. The question is – are you ready?


  1. You’ve trained with qualified teachers whose names agents will recognize.
  2. You understand the business side of the industry. You know what kind of parts you want to play, what your brand is, and how you’ll likely be cast.
  3. You have headshots, a resume, a social media presence and a reel.
  4. You have the time to commit to acting. You are available to go on auditions.
  5. You’re in the union or working toward joining one. If you have your SAG-AFTRA card, your agent can submit you to more roles than otherwise.
  6. You have industry connections. You know an industry professional who is willing to vouch for you.

In sum, you’ll know you’re ready for an agent when you have trained with recognizable acting coaches, you know your brand, have the time to commit to acting, have put together headshots, a resume and a reel, and know someone in the industry who can vouch for you. If you aren’t in a union yet, that’s okay, you’ll get there. For now, it’s time to submit!

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