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Are Online Acting Classes Worth It?

November 30, 2021

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I did what all acting studios had to do and moved my classes online. Now that I’m offering in-person classes again, I can reflect back on almost two years of online-only classes to answer this question: are online acting classes worth it?

In my honest opinion, there are pros and cons to acting online versus in person. 

The Pros of Online Acting Classes:

  • If you are new to acting and feel nervous, taking a class from your home feels comfortable and safe
  • You can act with scene partners from all over the world
  • You get to see other people’s acting close up and study them better
  • Your acting teacher sees YOU close up and can give you detailed feedback
  • You get comfortable being on camera

The Cons of Online Acting Classes:

  • You don’t get to fully block the scenes
  • You can’t work with your scene partner in person
  • You miss out on the energy of in-person classes

In my experience, online classes can still be fun, educational, and challenging. They are a great place for new actors to find their footing or for experienced actors to challenge themselves with a new medium. Plus, getting comfortable being on camera is a great way to prepare for doing self-tapes and virtual auditions, which are more common now than ever.

I also think that you can feel a lot of energy in online acting classes. In my classes, we spend the first part of class doing movement and focus exercises so that everyone is alert and engaged. 

Final Thoughts 

Good acting can transcend the online experience. When two actors do a scene together that they have emotionally prepared, which is another skill I teach my students, it feels like the walls of Zoom go away and you are watching a movie in real-time. 

The connection that the scene partners have can penetrate through the screen and it feels like they are in the same room together. At the end of class, you are amazed that you just witnessed such powerful work on Zoom! 

While I am excited to return to in-person acting classes in Austin, I appreciate the time I’ve spent with my students online, and I plan to continue offering both online and in-person classes. You can also book an online one-on-one coaching session with me. Contact me today to start your acting career on the right foot.    

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