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Finding the Right Acting Teacher, Step # 2

November 17, 2014

imagesSo you have taken the first step in finding the right acting teacher by avoiding the acting gurus. The second step is to ferret out the dishonest ones. As much as you may want to hear, “I can make you a star!”  it’s a deceptive claim and you need to run, not walk, from the teacher who promises that outcome.

At best, a good acting teacher can introduce you to the exercises, skills and practices that will uncover your pre-existing talent, mine it, shape it and ultimately allow you to express it in unique ways.  Some teachers may have access to agents, casting directors and producers, but any promise to further your career, other than providing you the skills required to do the job, is suspect. This includes teachers who suggest that by taking their class, you may be cast in the next movie they are writing, directing or producing.

If an acting teacher (or school) promises you an agent, a manager or acting work – based on signing a contract and paying a fee for the company’s classes and amazing career-launching services -JUST SAY NO.  Legitimate schools never promise students anything other than quality acting classes taught by skilled teachers.

Do your homework. Check on the internet, the Better Business Bureau or your local city and or law enforcement officials for complaints before associating yourself with any acting school  or teacher that offers expensive (and overcrowded) classes or a fast-track to stardom.

Bottom line, if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

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